A tardy submission for the GMTK Game Jam 2018. The theme of the jam was "[GENRE] without [MECHANIC]," so I elected to make a "rhythm game without rhythm"!

In Rhythm Ruin, you take on the role of a concertgoer intent on ruining the show for the rest of the audience. Compelled by either malice or some sense of performative alternative-ness, you take it upon yourself to clap as loud as you can to the music -- out of beat!

Use any key to clap, and listen carefully to the background music to make sure you're decidedly out of time. Out-of-time claps will help fill the Chaos Meter, in-time claps (matching any eighth-note beat) will take a chunk out of the Meter, as will waiting long enough for the audience to settle down. Fill up the Chaos Meter and the concert will be totally ruined!


  • Any key or mouse button - Clap!


  • Game made using Unity
  • All art made using Pixen
  • Background music and sound effects made with Garageband and Audacity
  • Cover image made using Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Game title by my sister Colleen


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What a great laugh! I thought I had to clap along with the music. Then at the end it says I ruined the concert. This is very weird.