Fight the Farmers! a browser game by Greg Szypko.

You're a nasty spirit who ends up in a farm plot, one that mysteriously contains a Zombification Altar (go figure). The farmers aren't happy to have you around zombifying their friends, so naturally they lob their handy pocket crucifixes at you. Dodge their crosses, hover over them to trap them, and bring them to the Zombification Altar at the east end of the field to dispose of them and capture their souls. Zombify all the farmers to win!

How my submission matches the theme

My dual-purpose design takes the form of the farmers, who are simultaneously enemies who throw projectiles at you and collectibles needed to win the game. Much of the challenge of the game is in this duality; you have to move evasively towards the farmers if you want to catch them without getting hurt!


  • Made using Unity 5.6.2
  • All sprites made in Pixen 3.5.9
  • Splash screen made in Microsoft Powerpoint 15.33
  • Music made in Apple Garageband 10.2.0
  • All art, music, and coding is my own work


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I liked it, could have more stages or maybe be more difficult to extend playtime, but it was a really nice short experience. Good job doing it all by yourself in such a short period :)

Yeah, it sure is rough around the edges and there were a million more things I wanted to do with it. I guess that's what happens when you make your very first game in 48 hours! Thanks for playing!

We need more zombie farmer games, really. :-)

I enjoyed dodging the crucifixes, but the difficulty could definitely be higher. Got through safely on my first run.

Thanks for playing and commenting! I definitely agree with you. Next time I'll be sure to schedule in more time for balance :)